Do More - By Doing Less

Focus on what’s important. Manage your officers in seconds. No technical knowledge required. Backed by industry-leading data and customer-driven feedback of security firms in the UK.

Tired of spending hours managing your officers?

Nothing’s more frustrating than spending half a day managing your workforce. You waste time and productivity on something that restricts you from getting ahead of the game. In fact, when you spend most of your time on trivial tasks, you’re allowing your competitors to jump ahead of you.

You don’t want that to happen. But, workforce management is also a critical part of the business. You can’t just leave your officers on their own, can you?

GuardTrack is the solution to your frustration. You spend 80% less time managing your workforce, allowing you to be more productive and efficient than ever. With GuardTrack, you take your business ahead of the game—leaving your competitors in awe and lightyears away.

Why GuardTrack?

We saw frustrating problems that security firms and their officers were facing on a daily basis. So, we came up with a platform that solves those problems—making workforce management for security firms, better than ever.

  • Stress-free officers management.

  • Effortless scheduling and tracking.

  • Streamlined tasks and timesheets.

  • Efficient monitoring and reporting.

Our Features

GuardTrack is the ultimate solution to manage your Staff productively and effectively.

Timesheet and Attendance

Forget manual checking of when and where your Staff are working. Your Staff can easily book-on and book-off (from the employee app) and can do check calls (with geo-location restriction)

GPS Time Tracker

Hold your Staff accountable when they’re on duty. Our easy and accurate GPS time-tracker allows you to know when and where your Staff booked-on and booked-off from. 

SIA Validation

Check SIA licenses of your Staff right from GuardTrack. Enter the license number and see if the licence is active or revoked. Now, you can be safe from compliance issues, all the time.

Activity Monitoring and Tracking

Real-time monitoring and tracking of your Staff lets you know where and when they’re on duty.  As a result, you increase workforce productivity and accountability.

Transparent Reporting

Help managers and staff to make well-informed decisions and create transparent, updated reports for clients, staff, subcontractors and sites.

Employee Scheduling Application

Schedule on the go from anywhere and any time. you can edit or create sudden shift changes and your Staff and clients will be notified immediately.

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Nothing’s stopping you from being more efficient, more productive and happier in managing your officers. So, why not give GuardTrack a try? Let the experience do the talking.

The app you need

Managing your workforce has never been this easier. With GuardTrack’s mobile app, you can manage, monitor and track your officers right from your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere.

Fill shifts with a tap

Schedule qualified staff, make sure you have the right coverage across the week and find last-minute replacements with one tap.

Keep staff on top of their schedules

Reduce no shows. Employees can keep track of shifts from their device of choice, receive the latest updates, and avoid turning up at the wrong time.

Make shift swapping easier

Give staff the flexibility they want — without having to manage every swap yourself. Employees can swap shifts directly with suitable team members via the Guardtrack app.

Capture work hours on mobile

Collect accurate timesheets quickly and easily. Employees just clock in and out of work from their phones, verify their location, and Guardtrack creates an automatic record.

See who’s running late and who’s on shift

When staff clock in, managers will receive a live update. Get a clear picture of who’s currently on shift and manage your coverage in real-time, wherever you are.

Simply approve & export timesheets

Save hours on employee admin. Guardtrack collects verified timesheets that you can approve individually — or in bulk — and export to payroll seamlessly.

Start your free trial

Nothing’s stopping you from being more efficient, more productive and happier in managing your officers. So, why not give GuardTrack a try? Let the experience do the talking.