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The Problem

Are you having sleepless nights worrying about the security of your home and family, wondering whether your guards are sleeping on the job leaving your home and family vulnerable? Are you considering having a monitored security system for your home?

Is keeping track of your security staff whilst on duty becoming a night mare situation that could leave your business at risk and affect your reputation? Would you like to see what all your guards are up to 24/7 at the touch of a button?

Are you looking to build trust, reputation and long term business relations with your clients by providing the best security protection for them?

We have the answer

With our round the clock secure cloud based control room, security companies and end users are able to monitor their security remotely and effectively with end users having access to rapid response system when needed:

Your home and business will be protected 24/7 whilst you sleep or away.

At a push of a button you can monitor and track the movements of all your guards on duty at any location, in any industry or home 24/7.

You can have access to rapid response to your door to take care of any security situation

Guard Track

Global technology. Local solution.

Typical figures for our solution

Guards Sleeping
Monthly Mentoring
Sites Protected
Alarms Responded

Our vision is to be a worldwide leader in security applications, services and innovative solutions.

-- Guard Track --

Our Products

With our cutting edge touch of a button remote monitoring and reporting, you can monitor and track the movement of your guards 24/7 when they are on duty.

Built for the toughest environments with IP67 ratings


guard track gateway


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Guard Track Gateway


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Our Services

Use our products and services to help protect your business and your guards by:

Rewarding good performance by using our guard medals and linking to your rewards process, identifying guards and supervisors who require further training and mentoring, monitoring your security remotely with our web and smartphone app, at any time of day or night.

Start protecting your home and business today.

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Our Testimonials

  • Guard Track saved our business, we had guards sleeping and leaving the customers site. This is now fully resolved! Thank you Guard Track

    Kwame Adjei, Deltoid Security
  • I have never felt safe at night as i always worried the guards were sleeping. I can now rest safely thanks to the online monitoring of Guard Track

    Patience Amoah, Retail User
  • Keeping track of all the guards was becoming a nightmare, with Guard Track reports i was able to see the whole business in minutes!

    Samuel Mensah, G7 Security

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